Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RDA, Worldcat Policies and so on

There has been a lot of thought-provoking and active comment concerning the draft policy on WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities for the OCLC Cooperative on Autocat and NGC4LIB and I have taken a rather active part. I think this discussion has a lot to do with the very future of librarianship so it is a vital debate.

In a lot of ways, I feel that the Worldcat issue is realted to RDA. Both want to create environments that are primarily closed instead of opening up our data to the world for sharing and innovations. Who knows who is right?

You may wish to follow along and/or join in on Autocat or NGC4LIB.

By the way, I added a link to a tool in the upper-left corner that has come in handy for me: an easy way to keep up on the Latest Library News.

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